Cancer sucks.

Today is NET awareness day! Neuroendocrine Tumor is the rare stomach cancer my grandma was diagnosed with. She receives chemo shots each month, and will for the rest of her life, unless her tumor has shrunk just enough to remove by surgery. Which I’m not even sure I should say because I’m not sure she’s told many but surgery has become a option she could have if the cancer board believes her tumor is small enough now. At the start of this journey, they told her surgery would probably never be an option, but now the tumor has shrunk & we pray she is able to have this surgery so she no longer has to continue these dreaded chemo shots! NET is so rare there are many who have no idea it exists. NET is perhaps the largest misunderstood, misdiagnosed, mistreated cancers of them all. Cancer sucks, period. No matter what type. We need to bring as much awareness as we can to all types! No one should have to go through this, its heartbreaking! My grandmother is such a strong lady! I admire her strength & the good faith she keeps throughout her situation! Go Zebra!!!! img_4074


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