New product love! 

Okay so I LOVE makeup! LOVE! I don’t always get to do it, but I love trying new things & experimenting when I do. But I’m also obsessed with my skin. So I want to share with you what I do, in the morning, and at night for my skin.

So in the morning, after I shower, I ALWAYS wash my face. I use Philosophy face wash, and then I can not go without putting moisturizer on. You guys I went two weeks without moisturizer, just because I kept forgetting to pick some up. Two weeks was waaaaaaay too long. My skin started to get red around my nose area after washing & not applying moisturizer. My skin also began to burn, so I could tell I was getting super dry! So finally my husband was going to the store & I researched some new moisturizer. I asked him to pick me up some.

Now I was using a 25$ moisturizer, and this new one was like 7$! 7!!! I was alittle nervous trying cause you just never know. Well I LOVE it. It’s very very similar to the 25$ one I was using.

I do the same thing at night. I wash my face, regardless if I wore makeup or not. Then I moisturize. After I do all of that, I moisturize my lips! I usually use Chapstick, but I’m trying some lip moisturizer from Victoria Secret. Loving it.

The redness in my face has not shown up since I started using this. It has not caused one break out. I have Normal to Dry skin. So if you are looking to try a new inexpensive face moisturizer, then you have to try this! 



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