Positivity ❤️

So where do I begin. As you may have seen in my Cancer sucks post, my grandmother has stomach cancer. She will live with it the rest of her life, unless it’s is now small enough to remove by surgery. She takes chemo shots every month, and as you can imagine, those are extremely expensive. Well, we have just found out that my mom, had a lump on her chest. She went to the doctor this week to have a biopsy, and should hear sometime next week what the results are. If cancerous, she will have to see a dermatologist & then go from there. Cancer has affected our family before, unfortunately. The first would be our adopted family, The Grays. My grandmother kept both of their kids from newborn until it was time to start school. So they are basically family. We love them as family. Both parents are full time school teachers & a big part of the town I grew up in. Mrs. Gray was diagnosed with breast cancer, and did amazing. She is now a survivor! It’s been atleast 4 years, I believe. Praise the good Lord! Then my grandmother, and now a chance of my mother. We are staying positive about it because we know it’s possible it’s not cancerous. But that doesn’t mean the chances of it being aren’t super real. We’ve learned to be positive. And we will continue to be regardless of what’s thrown our way. The Lord has this. We just need to trust him. He has proven miracles happen. With Mrs. Gray, beating cancer. My grandma was told her tumor would probably never shrink, but it has, tremendously. So we will pray & wait. Then move on in the way we need to come whatever. If you believe in the power of prayer, please say a prayer for us. If you don’t, positive vibes are appreciated!! 😘

That was heavy. So now on to a not so heavy subject, y’all I did my makeup this morning. My hair, well, it’s still in a ponytail. But I seriously need it cut! I got up early, determined to do my makeup atleast before my children woke up. I accomplished that, pretty much. Half way through my 3 year old woke up. That’s okay cause he pretty much entertains himself. He just wanted to use the potty & have some milk!🍳🍞🍶

Hoping you are having a great day! Until next time!



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