Thoughts 💭 

So I’m laying here in bed, its 11:15 pm where I live. I know I need to go to sleep because my almost 6 month old will be up to eat at 6:30 & then I’ll be up for the day after she goes back to sleep. Anyways, I was just laying here thinking, I want to do my hair & makeup tomorrow. Not that I don’t do alittle something every day. I usually put concealer on to cover my dark circles & put my hair in a mom bun. Oh, sorry, if you didn’t know, I’m a stay at home mom. So this is my day to day look usually. Only on occasions do I really get to do a full face of makeup & fix my hair. Well because frankly, my children & their needs are way more important. BUT sometimes I want to feel pretty. I know as Moms, we can lose our identity every now & again. So we have to take some time for ourselves. If that means, a pedicure, going to target without kids, or just a simple bath. But sometimes it just means, doing our hair & makeup just to make ourselves feel better! Under our mom gear, we are beautiful humans. We just need to remind ourselves of that!!!! It’s different hearing it from your spouse or family, YOU have to believe it too! So go love ya self, girl!!!! 

Im gonna doll myself up tomorrow (hopefully😂) 

I’m ridiculous tired, so this may not make any sense whatsoever.Nighty night, y’all.



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