Sickness for everyone 😷 

Yippppppeeeee! The sickness has hit our house. Just when I thought we got through without the flu! My husband had the flu the weekend before last, and now myself, and our kids have some kind of viral infection. At least it isn’t the flu! I don’t know about y’all, but the state we live in, the flu has become wide spread! STAY AT HOME WHEN YOU ARE SICK! My husband was confined to our family room for a week, and he carried a Lysol wipe around with him so he could do things like, go to the bathroom or get a drink. My son isn’t going to be happy that he has to stay home tomorrow from his Mother’s Day out class but I’m not going to take the chance of getting someone sick. 

Stay well and have a great week, y’all! 



House update! 🏡

Y’all!!!!!!!! Eeeeek!

Our house should be finished before Christmas. I was super down a couple of days ago, because we thought it wasn’t going to be finished by Christmas. But good news came & looks as if we will be in there the beginning of next week! Floors & counter tops go in this weekend!! I’m beyond excited!

So this weekend, on Saturday. My husband & I spent ALL day together, KID FREE! Kid free. We haven’t had time alone like that in 2 1/2 months. Which is wayyy too long. We’ve just been so busy. But this weekend, we needed to finish the Christmas shopping! So we knocked it out, and had so much fun. I mean we always do, but we usually have our kids. Everyone tells me, y’all need to get out more. Yes, every now & then but we would rather be together with our kids! My husband is such a hard worker & I was very blessed when I met him! He has been my best friend for 7 years, we’ve been together for 5, and married for almost 2. So I literally married my bestie! At first when we met, we were strictly just friends. He wanted to date but I was young & had just got out of a really toxic relationship. So I wasn’t ready.

Anyways, that was so nice. He’s my human!❤️I just love him! My kids are going to love all his presents! I can not wait for Christmas morning!!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Have a great week!!!


Weekend daze

Hey there y’all! 

I’ve been a bit MIA this weekend! Let me just fill you in on our busy, busy weekend. So we bought our first home back in August. The end of August to be exact. We have completely remodeled the living room, the floors, the bathroom (somewhat), and now we have decided to do the kitchen. My husband does this for a living, so it’s going very smoothly. BUT he also goes to school at night for heating & air. He’s just wanting to go into something else & do remodels/painting on the side. So it’s taking a bit longer than expected. Soooo, Friday that’s what we were doing. Going back and forth from there, leaving our son with him to “work”. He is 3! But he loves to “work” on anything with his daddy. My husband also does auto repair, not for a living but helps his dad, which does do it for a living. So our son “works” with him on cars too. I swear, my husband is a jack of all trades! He’s the best! Anyways, on Saturday, I went shopping for my nephew. He turned the big ONE on Thursday & his birthday party was Saturday night! So much fun, he had no idea what the heck was going on. It was cute! Then Sunday, we were off to church. Then after church, we went to eat lunch & then to pick out our kitchen cabinets. Y’all I’m so excited for my kitchen! It’s going to be amazing. Honesty, I’m so excited to get in that house & make it a home! I’m obsessed with decorating. I try to stick to a budget with all of that! We are hoping to be in by Christmas, so we can have our entire family over for Christmas morning! Eeeekkk!☺️Totally my husbands idea too. I thought he was crazy but I would love to give my grandparents a break & let everyone see our remodeled kitchen! I will apply some pictures of the house! And will post more as the remodel comes along! Well I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! My little lady is down for a nap, so I’m going to go spend some quality time with my little guy! Make some snacks, and relax. (I went shopping this morning, while I had a sitter. I need to relax, this momma is tired!)

Have a great day!


Our living room!❤️

The view from our front porch!!😍